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Here at Polkadot Shroom Universe,we blend are expertise in shrooms and the act of chocolate making. Our mushroom chocolate bars are unique for their intricate flavors and their high-quality,at polkadot shrooms we’re dedicated in creating extraordinary journey of taste in every bite you take.

How are Polkadots Bars Crafted - Psychedelic Chocolate

Polkadot bars are crafted by the combination of natural and organic ingredients,these ingredients like magic mushroom, Belgian chocolate,,rice krispies,raspberry, viet ice coffee,cookies & cacao and blue acai. when this ingredients are blend together, they produce exceptional chocolate bars like polkadot blueberry muffin magic Belgian chocolate and polka butterfinger mushroom Belgian chocolate.

Effects of Polka dot chocolate bars - polka dot shroom bar

The distinct and  delicious polkadot magic mushroom chocolate bars have so many medical advantages over normal conventional chocolate bars.

All our chocolate bars contain antioxidant capabilities that shield the body from harmful and damaging free radicals,this is because they’re infused mushrooms extracts.

One of the key component that’s use to produce polkadot mushroom bars are dark chocolate. Studies has shown it that,eating dark chocolate in moderation lowers blood pressure. thereby reducing the risk of heart disease.

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