Magic mushroom Chocolate bars – Penny Cup


Magic mushroom Chocolate bars – Penny Cup Infused with premium mushroom blend

Magic mushroom Chocolate bars – Penny Cup,It’s crafted with Belgian Chocolate and magic Mushroom, is a blend of Belgian chocolate and high-quality magic Mushroom extract to create this original Chocolate Bar.

The Polkadot Magic Belgian Chocolate Penny Cup packed with the impressive power of magic mushroom and its numerous health benefits, from relieving stress to boasting the immune system.

Convenient and taste Chocolate bars

Is very Convenient to consume and it can be consume anytime of the day. Whether you’re after an evening relaxation treat, or a a midday energy boost.

Made with non-GMO ingredients, this chocolate shroom bar is free from any artificial flavors, which makes it guilt-free.


. What is polka dot shrooms bar? Polka dot shrooms bar are a type of chocolate bar infused with magic mushroom extracts (psilocybin and psilocin). They’re delicious and offers psychedelic experience.

.what are the effects of consuming fusion shroom bars? Apart from the unique flavors when consuming fusion shroom bars,they can also altered the sense of time and induce hallucination.

.Are mushrooms chocolate legal everywhere? Is good to alway check your local laws before purchasing any mushrooms chocolate, this is because their legality varies across countries and states.


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