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Polkadot Mango Sorbet Gummies For Sale

Polkadot Mango Sorbet Gummies offer a convenient and delicious way to consume psilocybin edibles and enjoy it’s benefits. Each gummy is infused with psilocybin and contains 4g.

Each of this Gummies is shaped like a little cut mango and has an orange color. With a chewy texture and soft,this gummy has a delicious tropical mango flavour and are very easy to consume.

Our Mango Sorbet Gummies are made by using the highest quality natural ingredients like natural fruits extracts, psilocybin and organic mango puree. The psilocybin that is used is found in certain mushrooms and has therapeutic benefits, which includes treating depression, creativity, increasing feelings or well-being, improving mood and reducing anxiety.

These our Gummies are gluten-free,vegan, and contain no fake or artificial flavors or colors. Each gummy contains the same dose of psilocybin, because of this it makes it easy to monitor your consumption.Is very simple and easy to storeand also has a very long shelf life of 12 months if stored correctly.  Store it in a dry and cool environment, far away from direct sunlight and they’ll maintain their potency and quality for months 

FAQs about polkadot shroom Gummies
. What’s the best dosage for beginners?

If you’re a beginner is go to start with a smaller Dosage.

. How long does it take for the effects to kick in?

After consuming the psychedelic effects usually kick in after 30 minutes to 2 hour’s, but it greatly depends on the metabolism of the consumer.

. Can it be consume by everyone?

It should be noted that ,psilocybin infused Gummies should be consumed only by adult (18 years and above). Is good to alway check your local laws before purchasing this product because is not Legal everywhere.


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