Polkadot Shots-Blueberry


What are polkadot shots-Blueberry?

Polkadot Shots-Blueberry are created from the infusion of Blueberry flavors and exotic mushrooms,resulting in a healthy,nutritious and delicious beverage that can be enjoyed daily on it’s own. These polkadot shot consist of carefully well selected natural ingredients and blend of mushrooms.

Health benefits of polkadot mushroom shots

Some of the mushrooms used to create this shot contains immune-boosting properties such as Reishi and Chaga mushrooms   these mushrooms has immune boosting properties which helps to reduce inflammation.

Many mushrooms that are use to make this product contains antioxidants, like Turkey Tail and Shiitake. The antioxidants protect the body against harmful free radicals and oxidative stress.

Helps in digestion, Maitake and Enoki mushrooms use contains dietary fibers that helps in digestion.

How to make polkadot shot at home

A cup of water,polkadot mushroom shot mix packet, flavorings like cinnamon and vanilla extract and any sweetener of your choice.

Heat the water but it shouldn’t get to boiling temperature.

Pour the polkadot mushroom shot mix packet into a mug or an open container.

Then now slowly pour the hot water over the mushroom mix, after pouring start stirring gently until it dissolve completely. After this add the sweetener and flavors, then stir it well to combine. Allow the mixture to cool before enjoying your home made polkadot mushroom shot.

Where to buy polkadot Blueberry shots

We sell the best and highest quality polkadot Shroom shot, all our products are authentic. Blueberry polka dot shroom shots is made with super potency psilocybin, is good for those who like to consume magic mushroom in liquid form,because is easy to transport and swallow.

Where to buy polkadotshots online

To avoid buying fake polkadotshots online, is good to only buy from authentic and verified dealers like polkadot Shroom universe.

Effects of polkadot Shroom shot

. Helps to relieve stress and fatigue

.Aid in depression and increase focus level

.polkadot Shroom shot helps stimulant brain cell growth


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