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Psilo Gummies-Gummy Cubes are Gummies that are made with psilocybin mushrooms like lion’s mane, changa mushroom,Liberty Caps etc. These psilocybin mushrooms extracts and then blend and infused with natural flavors to produce Psilo Gummies.

These Psilo gummy are very potent because of the high-quality mushroom extracts used to produce them, is advisable for beginners to start with a smaller dose that they’ll be able to handle the psychedelic experience.

Psilo gummy have a shelf life of 12 months if it’s stored correctly,  it should be stored in a dry and cool environment so as to preserve the taste, flavors and potency.

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How is Psilo gummy consume?

When consuming, safety should never be compromised. Is vital to start with a smaller Dosage especially if you’re new to psilocybin. Ensure you’re in a safe environment before consuming and with a sober guide.

FAQs Psilo Gummies-Gummy Cubes
. Can everyone consuming psilocybin Gummies?

Is essential to be of a legal age before you consume any product containing psilocybin mushrooms.

.What are the health benefits of consuming psilocybin Gummies?

Psilocybin Gummies has numerous health and therapeutic benefits, studies has shown that psilocybin mushrooms contain properties that can help treat people suffering from depression, PTSD and can reduce inflammation.

.Side effects of consuming Psilo gummy?

Users might experience increase in heart rate, nausea and change in time.

. Is Psilo gummy legal everywhere?

Before you purchase or consume any psilocybin products (Gummies) make sure you check your local laws before consuming.  Because is not Legal everywhere, and make sure you buy from an authentic source.


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