Shroom bars-Blue Acai


Polkadot Blue Acai Chocolate Bar For Sale

Shroom bars-Blue Acai Chocolate Bar are made with ingredients that have creamy texture,thick and a blast of tangy acai flavor that will make you begging for more. It’s product by combining silky milk Chocolate with natural blueberry and acai flavor.

Order Polka Dot Blue Acai Chocolate Bar from us and experience the luxurious and all the health benefits of psychedelic mushroom chocolate.

Polkadot chocolate bars / magic mushroom chocolate bar

Chocolate bars are made simple and easy to consume as quick snack,with a smooth texture and creaminess.

It should be stored in a cool and dry place, this s to preserve its flavor and taste.  It has a shelf life of 6 months and it should be consumed with 6 months after purchasing.

FAQs about Shroom bars-Blue Acai

What’s the main ingredients in polka dot mushroom chocolate? Is the combination of psilocybin mushrooms extracts and high-quality cocoa beans

Is it safe to consume Polka Dot Mushroom Chocolate? Knowing and consuming the right Dosage is the key,is good to alway start with a smaller Dosage and alway consume in a safe environment.

Are they side effects of consuming these chocolates bar? The side effects can varies according to the Dosage. Is good to alway consult a health professional before trying something new.


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