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PolkaDot Forbidden Foot Loop Magic Belgian Chocolate For Sale

Mushroom bar Forbidden Froot is a very nutritious and delicious treat, is a combination of organic components like Cacao, dried fruits and mushrooms extracts.

The mushrooms extracts that are use to produce this unique chocolate bar include lion’s mane, reishi and cordyceps mushrooms. This extracts are carefully sourced from sustainable farms.

Inaddition, the mushroom extract use in making this Chocolate bar, has so many health benefits. Immune boosting, cognitive enhancing properties and anti-inflammatory.

This Polka-dot mushroom bar has a shelf life of 12 months and it should be stored in a cool and dry place.

Dosage and potency

It’s crucial to know the right Dosage when consuming Mushroom bar Forbidden Froot Loop, if you’re beginning start with a smaller Dosage that you’ll be able to handle the experience.  The higher the Dosage the higher the potency.

Effects and experience

The main key ingredient is psilocybin, which is known for it potential psychedelic effects such as anti-inflammatory properties, helps to treat mental health, anxiety and depression.

Purchasing Polka-dot shroom chocolate

Look no further if you have been looking for a place to buy Polka-dot shroom chocolate, you can only get the best and authentic premium polkadot chocolate from reputable retailers like us polka dot shroom universe.

Is it safe to consume polka Dot shroom Chocolate? Is important to be aware of individual sensitivity of psilocybin mushrooms and most importantly Dosage before consuming, and make sure you consume responsibly because of the mushroom extract in the bar.

2 reviews for Mushroom bar-Forbidden Froot

  1. Joseph Williams

    Quality at a price

  2. Hannah Phil

    Best polkadot chocolate bar ever

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