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Polkadot Creamy Pistachio Belgian Chocolate for sale online

One up chocolate bar-Pistachio Belgian Chocolate is a blend of the rich flavors of Belgian chocolate with nutty taste of pistachios. When consuming this product, each bite offers a a smooth and creamy texture that will leave you begging or wanting and craving for more.

Aside from the great flavors, smoothness and rich texture, Creamy Pistachio Belgian Chocolate has a good number of health benefits. Pistachio contains fiber,protein and healthy fat that helps make you feel full after consuming.

If you want to store it,it’s advisable to keep Polkadot Creamy Pistachio Belgian Chocolate in a dry and cool place, so as to maintain the flavor and quality.  It has a shelf life of six months.

Effects of polka mushroom chocolate bars

This chocolate bar help to  shield the body from damaging free radicals, this is because they contain antioxidant capabilities.

Meanwhile the mushroom extract that is use to produce this product has health benefits like, it boast the immune system, help reduce inflammation.

The dark chocolate used in Polkadot chocolate bars, contain a compound that helps to low blood pressure.  Because of this it helps cut the risk of heart disease.

Origins of One up chocolate bar

One-ups bar are known and famous of because of the magic Mushrooms extracts in them. Moveover, because of the rise in demand for alternative ways to consume magic mushroom,let to the creation of this candy bar.

Most people prefer rather than consuming Mushrooms in their dried and raw form,enthusiasts can now consume one-up bar enjoying the rich and tasty favours from this treat

Key ingredients of on-up bars and effects

The main and primary ingredient in one-up bars is psilocybin, when you consume(ingested) psilocybin is converted to psilocin.

Affecting serotonin in our brain leading to change in perception of time,thoughts and feelings. The combination of this wonderful ingredients, which are typically found in candies, makes for a very remarkable journey when you consume one up mushroom bar.

Safety and considerations

If you’re looking to explore the word of one up mushroom bar, it’s crucial to consume one up psychedelic chocolate bar with cautious and you should be well informed before you consume it.

Make sure you take the right Dosage, be aware of the potential side effects like change in the perception of time and make sure you purchase it from a reputable source.

. What are one up psychedelic bar?

One up psychedelic bar are candies bar that contains magic Mushrooms and are available in different cannabis boutique and bodegas outlets.

How does one up bars compare to other brands?

Each of this bars has their different formulas, flavors profile and potency levels.  Each offers different psychedelic effects after consumption.

Are One up chocolate bar-Pistachio legal?

The legality of one up bars varies from country to country and state to state, alway research the local laws before you make any purchase of this product.

3 reviews for One up chocolate bar-Pistachio

  1. Schult dante

    Am obsessed with this chocolate bar, what a great treat

  2. Raymond Davion

    I was blown away by the richness of this chocolate bar

  3. Denis Peterstone

    It come at a very low price, despite it’s high quality and ingredients

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