PolkaDot Bars-Berries & Cream

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PolkaDot Berries & Cream Belgian Chocolate For Sale

PolkaDot Bars-Berries & Cream Belgian Chocolate is manufacture using milk powder, vanilla extract, white chocolate which is gotten from cocoa butter. Meanwhile the Berries that are used are freeze-dried to preserve their nutrients and flavor.its made from high quality Belgian chocolate.

After from being delicious, Polka Dot Berries & Cream also has so many health benefits like it reduce inflammation, the white chocolate is a good source of calcium and so contains only a small amount of caffeine compare to the dark chocolate.

Polkadot Berries and cream Review|mushroom chocolate bar

Is the smoothly Blends rich,decadent chocolate with the fruity, refreshing flavor of Berries. This combination is exciting, harmonious and has an unforgettable and unique taste experience that will leave you craving for more.

In addition,is crafted with expert precision and is made with the finest ingredients. Which ensure that each bar is of high quality ingredients.


1 review for PolkaDot Bars-Berries & Cream

  1. John Lewis

    Best chocolate bar i have ever tried, coming back for more

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