Polkadot Bars.-Ferrero Rocher

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Polkadot Bars.-Ferrero Rocher magic Mushroom chocolate For Sale

Polkadot Bars.-Ferrero Rocher magic Mushroom chocolate bar is made with vanilla  milk, sugar cocoa beans,high quality Belgian chocolate and psilocybin mushrooms.

Magic Mushroom use to produce this chocolate bar are carefully process and selected to ensure Purity and maximum potency.

The psilocybin mushrooms extracts use to make this mushroom chocolate bar contains compounds that can help reduce anxiety, depression,PTSD, and increase creativity.

Polka dot Ferrero Rocher magic Mushroom chocolate has a shelf life of 6 months and it should be stored in a cool and dry place, which has a temperature of around 15°C – 18°C

Finally, by consuming this product (Polkadot mushroom bars) you’ll take advantage of all the healing properties from the magic Mushroom extracts use in producing the product.

1 review for Polkadot Bars.-Ferrero Rocher

  1. Robert B

    Great product, but you can do better with the packaging

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