Polkadot Cookies & Cacao Belgian Chocolate Bar

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Buy Polkadot Cookies & Cacao Belgian Chocolate Bar online.

Polkadot Cookies & Cacao Belgian Chocolate Bar, are produce by infusing different mushrooms extracts like cordyceps chaga mushroom and resishi into chocolate to produce Polka dot Cookies & Cacao Belgian Chocolate Bar.

Moreover, this Belgian Chocolate Bar is made from the combination of rich Belgian chocolate with cacao chocolate bar and crunchy texture of Cookies.

It should be stored in a cool and dry environment out of the reach of sunlight. If stored correctly it can last for 6 months.

This Polkadot chocolate Bar has many advantages over the our normal chocolate in terms of health.

They contain antioxidant capabilities that help protect the body damaging radiation from the sun and it also decreases inflammation.

4 reviews for Polkadot Cookies & Cacao Belgian Chocolate Bar

  1. Ward mullen

    Whether you’re in need of a quick snack, i recommend this cookie and cacao belgian chocolate bar

  2. Julia lyla

    This bar is a paradise for chocoholics, is affordable and has a delectable taste

  3. Darion Williams

    The customer service provided by polkadot Shroom universe is great

  4. Jennings Johnson

    Their team is responsive,friendly and their delivery is fast

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