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PolkaDot chocolate-Ooey Gooey Bar For Sale

The irresistible PolkaDot chocolate-Ooey Gooey,is a treat that combines the finest Belgian Chocolate, created that is going to satisfy sweet tooth.

This chocolate bar boasts a mouth-watering ooey-gooey texture that melts in your mouth when consuming it. This chocolate bar is made with premium ingredients like high quality Belgian chocolate.

Apart from it extraordinary taste,it also has so many health benefits like boosting immune system,helps to reduce inflammation.

PolkaDot OoeyGooey Belgian Chocolate has a shelf life of 12 months, and it should be stored in a cool and dry place so as to preserve it tastes and flavors.

Effects of polkadot mushroom chocolate bar

These chocolate bar contains antioxidants capabilities, that help shield and protect the body of anyone that consume this bar from the harmful and damaging free radicals.

A key component of our Polkadot mushroom chocolate bar is that,studies has shown it that dark chocolate helps lower blood pressure and help keep the heart health.

Dosage and consumption recommendations

Because of their potency because of the mushroom extracts used, is recommended that when consuming this bar you should start with a smaller Dosage for beginners.

Potential effects and health benefits

The mushroom extracts use has great health benefits, including stress reduction and immune support, so consuming this bar will offer you all these benefits


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