Mushroom Bars-Frosted Flakes


Mushroom Bars-Frosted Flakes Magic Mushroom Belgian Chocolate For Sale

Is a must-try chocolate bar,Mushroom Bars-Frosted Flakes Magic Mushroom Belgian Chocolate is made with magic mushrooms extracts and rich flavors of Belgian chocolate, and the frosted flakes crunchy texture to the combination.

This Polkadot Shroom Bars, has a good range of health benefits. Magic mushrooms provide a wide range of therapeutic effects, including boosting immune system,enhancing feelings of well-being and reducing anxiety and depression.

Moveover,this Polkadot Mushroom Belgian Chocolate,should be stored in a dry and cool place with a temperature of about 15 degree,and this shrooms chocolate bar has a shelf life of 12 months.

Understanding mushroom bars

Mushroom extracts like Amanita Muscaria are known for their distinctive properties.

These mushroom extracts are infused into chocolate bars to produce a delectable taste of chocolate and the benefits of magic mushrooms extracts.

Where can i purchase high-quality mushroom bars?

Is very important to alway make sure that you purchase from a reputable seller like us ( polkadot Shroom universe).

You can get high-quality mushroom chocolate bars from reputable online shops and vendors like us.

How should i consume mushroom bars and Dosage

In addition, Is very safe to consume mushroom bars,but is always advisable to follow the manufacturer recommended dosages.

Moreover, effect of the dosage you take will greatly depends on the mushroom extracts used.


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