PolkaDot Good Luck Charms chocolate bar


PolkaDot Good Luck Charms chocolate bar for sale

This bar (PolkaDot Good Luck Charms chocolate bar) is made from the best ingredients, luck charms bar contain lucky charms cereal, marshmallows and Belgian white chocolate.

Our chocolate mushroom bar has a smooth texture that melts in your mouth when consuming it.

This PolkaDot bar doesn’t only have a great taste but it also has and offers¬† several health benefits. The cocoa beans use to produce this charming polka dot bar contains antioxidants properties,which help to prevent free radicals.

If stored correctly it has a shelf life of six months, but it’s recommended to consume it with 6 months of purchasing. It should be stored in a cool and dry environment.

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Our captivate psychedelic chocolate are wrapped in a distinctive and gorgeous pattern. Components with high grade like nourishing mushrooms and premium chocolate,are use to make this chocolate mushroom bars.

Because of it’s creaminess and smoothness texture’s,every bites a simple to relish. We make sure that our products has very low environmental impacts, by using only eco-friendly materials to wrap our products.


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