Shroom Bar-Milk Belgian Chocolate

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Milk Belgian Chocolate bar Sale

Our Shroom Bar-Milk Belgian Chocolate is currently available for sale in our shop,it’s a very delicious dessert, rich and creamy, which was crafted using the best ingredients.

PolkaDot Belgian Chocolate Bar has so many different health benefits whch include polyunsaturated fats,heart-healthy monounsaturated,is use to make our Chocolate.

It help in anxiety, depression and stress because of the magic Mushroom extracts found in our magic Mushroom Chocolate bar.

Effects of Chocolate magic Mushroom – PolkaDots mushroom

These Chocolate bars help to shield your body from damaging free radicals because contain antioxidant capabilities and they are infused with premium mushroom extract.

Studies shows that,eating dark chocolate may help lower blood pressure, which reduces the risk of heart disease.

. Is Shroom Bar-Milk Belgian Chocolate good for everyone?

Milk Belgian magic mushroom Chocolate bars are potent and their effects can be very intense. So to consume it is advisable to start with a small dosage.

. Can i travel with milk Belgian chocolate?

Law regarding the consumption and transportation of products that contains magic Mushrooms vary. So is good to alway check local laws regarding this product and never attempted to transportation it across international borders.

. How long does the effects last?

Effects vary base on individual factors like metabolism,but the effects can last for several hours if you consume the right Dosage.


3 reviews for Shroom Bar-Milk Belgian Chocolate

  1. Bowers Francisco

    Very affordable prices

  2. Cherish wolf

    I highly recommend this polkadot chocolate bar

  3. Karly stones

    I ordered this chocolate bar and i was surprised how quickly it was delivered to me

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