Polka Dot chocolate-Pomegranate


Polka Dot chocolate-Pomegranate chocolate Bar For Sale

Polka Dot-Pomegranate chocolate Bar provides a pleasurable and distinctive way to experience the benefits of mushrooms. This chocolate bar are made to have a smooth texture and velvety that melts in your mouth when consuming it.

Each bar of our psilocybin Chocolate bar contains a calculated amount of psilocybin, so as to ensure a consistent experience in every bite you take.

Effects of polkadot mushroom chocolate Bars

PolkaDot chocolate Bars has so many health benefits and advantages over conventional chocolate, the mushroom extract us to produce this chocolate shroom bar has health benefits like decreasing inflammation and enhancing immune system.

A key component of polkadot mushroom bar,is dark chocolate. Studies has shown it that consuming dark chocolate helps lower blood pressure, by lowering blood pressure it cut the risk of heart disease.

A unique fusion worth trying: mushroom Infused Chocolate bars.

They’re companies out there that creates the best and unique chocolate bars like polka dot shroom universe. This may come as a surprise to may people, they Infused mushroom extracts like reishi and shiitake with chocolate that are made wth the best cocoa beans.

This mushroom chocolate bar,while still maintaining it’s unique polka dot chocolate design,also has numerous health benefits. This mushroom bars are know for their health benefits like boosting immune system.

How to know real from fake polka dot mushroom bars

Because of the raising popularity of polka dot mushroom chocolate, it has also gave raise to counterfeit in the market.

It’s very important to be able to make the difference between fake and real polka dot bars,this is because consuming fake can be very harmful.

Real mushroom-infusion chocolate bars has a very unique taste,because of the pure natural extracts used. While counterfeit bars lacks this unique taste or has an artificial flavors.


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