Shroom chocolate bar-Cherry Garcia

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Polkadot Cherry Garcia mushroom Chocolate Bar for sale.

Shroom chocolate bar-Cherry Garcia is made with natural ingredients chucks of Crunchy walnuts,juicy cherry pieces and best quality dark chocolate. All this natural ingredients are Blended and mix with mushroom extracts.

The mushroom use to create this mushroom Belgian chocolate,has numerous health benefits and also contains important vitamins like zinc,vitamin D,potassium and powerful antioxidants that help to boost the immune system.

How to buy polkadot shrooms / chocolate bar shroom.

If you’re looking for where to buy premium premium cherry garcia chocolate bar, look no further because you’re at the right place.

You can order from our website polka dot shroom universe. We offer safe and secure payment methods,and We ship immediately after you purchase from us so you order can get to you in time.

Shroom chocolate:more than just a sweet treat

Shroom chocolate are visually appealing and unique types of chocolate, know for their whimsical appearance and colourful

Quality matters with us

When you bite into our polka dot chocolate bar,you’ll not just taste Chocolate. But you’ll experience craftsmanship and premium quality ingredients.

The chocolate used by us to produce our Mushroom chocolate bars are sourced from the best and finest cocoa beans and crafted by artisans who knows and understand delicate balance of all the flavors

Mushroom chocolate bar reviews and recommendations

. Online forums: there are various websites and forums which discussed and reviewed their favourite chocolates. So to understand the magic in this our Mushroom chocolate bars dive in and see.

.Ask around: talk to colleagues and friends, you’ll be surprised how many enthusiasts you’ll find


. How is the Polka dots added to the chocolate bars: They’re usually made using edible food dyes and white chocolate, they’re added on top as a decorative element or embedded into the bar during molding process

. What are the benefits of consuming shroom chocolate bars: is always advisable to consuming any product that contains mushroom extracts with care.

Magic mushrooms infused chocolate bar has health benefits like it help in boasting immune system, help people suffering from mental illnesses, depression, PTSD and anxiety.

It good to always consult with a health professional before consuming.

. Can children consume polka dot chocolate bars? Children can consume the regular polka dot chocolate bars ,but is not advisable and unsafe to give children mushroom Infused Chocolate Bars. This is because they contain psychedelic properties.

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  1. Joseph Williams

    The texture and quality is great

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