Magic Mushroom chocolates-Fruity Pebbles


Magic Mushroom chocolates-Fruity Pebbles, this Polkadots mushroom is not just any regular chocolate bar, is the blend of rich,creamy cocoa and mushroom extracts combine together.

Some of the companies behind psychedelic chocolate

This psychedelic chocolate bars are not just a mixture of two different ingredients. Is a craft that requires expertise and art,to ensure that every bite you take delivers the desire flavors, tease and effects

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Recreational and medical Uses
Magic Mushroom chocolates-Fruity Pebbles

While so many consumers,consume this product (polkadot chocolate) for recreational purpose. It also has many health benefits like, it help to treat mental health, anxiety, depression and PTSD.

. Can i mix with other polkadot substances?

Mixing Magic Mushroom chocolates-Fruity with other psychedelic products can intensify the effects, which can lead to an unexpected reactions. So is always best and advisable to consume this product individually.

. Is it safe for everyone to consume?

Because of it’s potency, is safe only for adults (18 years and above). And s advisable for beginners to start with a smaller or lower Dosage.

. How much is too much?

Is very important to consume this particular polkadot shrooms bar responsibly because of it’s potency. For starters, yo can start with a smaller portion and wait for 1 or 2 hours to feel the effects before consuming more.


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