Mr mushies chocolate bar


Mr Mushies-Mr.Mushies

Mr mushies chocolate bar is unique blend of psilocybin and flavors like exotic fruits-infused varieties and classic milk Chocolate.


Mr mushies chocolate bars comtain a good amount of psilocybin, so is very crucial to know and understand the Dosage before consumption.

Where to buy mr. Mushies chocolate bar online

This chocolate bar is available online and platforms. But you can only get authentic and high-quality products from verified suppliers like us polka dot shroom universe.

Legality of Mr. Mushies/Mr.Mushies

The Legality of mr.mushies varies from state to state in the United States of America,so is advisable to check the Legality of mr. Mushies in your area before you purchase or consume it.

How to store mr mushies chocolate

Firstly, mr mushies chocolate has a shelf life of 12 months if it’s stored correctly in a dry and cold environment. If it’s stored properly it’ll maintain it potency and freshness.

Secondly, mr mushies offer a unique experience for culinary enthusiasts and chocolate lovers. Knowing the legal status, how to consume it and flavors is essential for an enjoyable experience.


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