Polkadot Krispy Chocolate Crunch


Polkadot Krispy Chocolate Crunch for sale

Polkadot Krispy Chocolate Crunch Chocolate Bar are delicious treat that are made with the best and high quality ingredients. Is made with rich blends of crispy rice,premium Belgian Chocolate.

Every bite of this delightful mushroom chocolate bar ,is a explosion of texture and flavors. If your looking to satisfy sweet tooth,the we recommend this polk-a-dot Krispy Chocolate for you. It’ll leave you craving for more if you consume it.

Is recommend you consume it with six months, this is because it has a shelf life of only sex month, if store in a cool and dry place.

Where to buy polkadot chocolates

We have a large variety or different kinds and types of mushroom chocolates bar in our online shop polka dot shroom universe.

When you buy polkadot chocolates from us you can ve rest assured that you’re buying from a authentic producer and supplier of polkadot shroom bars.

Is very easy to order from our online shop and our payment methods are very secure. We ship immediately you order so it can get to you on time.


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