PolkaDot Chocolate-Oreo MilkShake Belgian


PolkaDot Oreo MilkShake Belgian Chocolate Bar For Sale

PolkaDot Chocolate-Oreo MilkShake bar,is crafted with the best high quality Belgian chocolate bar and oreo cookie bits. Inaddition to that, this milkshake flavor chocolate bar is good for everyone who likes sweet treats.

Just like other chocolate bar like polkadot Peanut butter jelly, PolkaDot Oreo Milk Shake Chocolate also has so many health benefits. The oreo cookie that are used are a great source of fiber,that contains vitamins and minerals.

It has a long shelf life of 12 months and it should be stored in a dry and cool place.

Finally, this chocolate shroom bar is free from any artificial flavors and is 100% vegetarian.


This PolkaDot Chocolate bar about 10, 000mg of mushrooms bleed, which are divided into 20 pieces.  Each of these pieces contains 500mg of mushroom mix to ensure a safe and balanced of dosage.

Because of this accurate measurement it it helps us to control the intake of consumers according to their preferences and health need

Health benefits of PolkaDot Oreo MilkShake Belgian bar

Oreo MilkShake contains mushroms like Amanita,Reishi,Cordyceps, Loin’s mane,maitake,Turkey tail,shiitake and king trumpet.

All this mushrooms are loaded with various mushroom properties that has so many health benefits, such as

. Reducing blood sugar levels

. Mushroom like king trumpet are loaded with minerals and vitamins

. Shiitake reduces inflammation and promotes heart health

. Reishi help to reduce stress and improves sleep



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