Psilo chocolate bars-Blueberry

  • 4 Half Gram Mushroom Chocolate Truffles
  • Dark Chocolate Shell With Blueberry Filling
  • Uncover a berry treasure with our Blueberry Jam truffle, enrobed in polkadot chocolate with a sweet, tart blueberry center that’s bound to awaken your senses.
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Psilo chocolate bars-Blueberry,PolkaDot Blueberry jam truffles is made with dark chocolate and tart Blueberry. Is enrolled with dark sweet chocolate with tart Blueberry at the center of this delicious treat.

Psilo chocolate bars effects

This chocolate bar (Psilo chocolate bars) has been making waves in the United States of America lately for their unique taste and properties. These unique delectable treats are infused with magic mushrooms which is an active compound of psilocybin.


The effects of Psilo chocolate bars varies from person to person. Some people may experience pronounced psychedelic effects after consumption while some may experience just subtle shifts in mood and perception. Is very important to note that the intensity of the effects greatly depends on the dosage consume and individual tolerance levels.


It should be stored in a dry and cold place with temperature of about 15°c. This product has a great shelf life of one year if you store it correctly.

Blend of Blueberry and Psilo chocolate bars

Moreover, is the combination of psilocybin and Blueberry jam,as they possess their own unique flavors and characteristics.

Blueberry jam know for their great flavors and psilocin (magic Mushroom extracts) that has many health benefits.

As a result of this, the experience of consuming magic mushrooms in chocolate can be pleasurable and delightful.

Legal considerations

Is good to know that the purchase and consumption of this product is not Legal everywhere, so also check your local laws before you can consume or purchase this product.

Furthermore, make sure you purchased from a reputable source like us polka dot shroom universe.


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