Psilocybin chocolate bars-Kitto Katsu


Polkadot Kitto Katsu Belgian Chocolate for

Psilocybin chocolate bars-Kitto Katsu,it is meticulously crafted with the finest ingredients,is handmade with precision and love.

Moreover, this Chocolate is a blend of Crunchy roasted almonds and Belgian chocolate, which result in a flavorful and textures that will captivate you with every bite you take.

Apart from the unforgettable experience when you consume the product,it also has many health benefits. This chocolate bar can help treat people suffering from depression,PTSD and mental illness.

Effects of shrooms chocolate |shroom bars

The mushroom extract use to produce this chocolate bar,contains potential health benefits, it enhancing immune system, reducing inflammation.

The dark chocolate a key component of polka dot bar lowers blood pressure, cutting the risk of heart disease.

How to order Psilocybin chocolate bars-Kitto Katsu

Do you want to try these exquisite chocolates bar? You can order it from us polka dot shroom universe or from other online platforms and speciality store stocking them. When you order from us, we’re sure you that we’ll deliver authentic and high-quality products to you.


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